Updates, fixes and improvements to Plane.

Release v0.13-dev

Quick Add, Draft Issues, Global Issues View & more
September 29, 2023

What’s new?

Long time no see? Don’t worry, we're back and bringing the heat with a killer release. Say hello to Plane v0.13—loaded with stuff that'll make you go "Whooo!”

📦 New Features

🏃🏻 Introducing Quick-add issues

Every layout on Plane now enables you to add issues swiftly with our new Quick-Add feature. It's designed to simplify and expedite the issue creation process, letting you capture those wild ideas with ease. The new issue addition extends to the end of every:

🌐 The most requested: Global Issue View

We've added a new section to our sidebar - All Issues. This provides a global view across your entire workspace, enabling management of issues from all projects in one place. What does it do?

  • Handling 1000 issues in your workspace? This feature aggregates them all in one spot.
  • Allows you to toggle between Assigned, Created, and Subscribed issues from all projects 😉.
  • Enables you to apply filters based on specific Project or issue properties.
  • Allows you to create a global view and save the filters you need. (#2005, #2273, #2283, #2284, #2288, #2295, #2300, #2301, #2303, #2307)


📕 Issue Drafts, never let your idea or issue go.

We've made some improvements to the Create Issue modal. These enhancements now equip the modal with the ability to save issue drafts. Here's how the issue drafts work:

  • Entered issue details and added properties, but accidentally clicked outside the modal? Don't worry; this will save the issue under drafts.
  • Drafts can be accessed by hovering over the "Create Issue" button on the sidebar.
  • Only the last issue entered in the "Create Issue" modal gets saved to the drafts. More history? Stay tuned! (#2161, #2180, #2188, #2190, #2199, #2212, #2249, #2269, #2272, #2278)

🔁 Sub-issues nesting and editing

Parent issues now boast increased visibility over sub-issues, even when they are nested five levels deep.

  • Sub-issues are displayed based on the hierarchy of their nesting. 🤯
  • You can now directly edit sub-issue properties from within the parent issue.
  • Prefer staying within the parent issue? No problem, all sub-issues of the parent issue now open in a peek-over mode. (#2221, #2233, #2263)


🖇️ Introducing new relation properties— related, duplicate

We’ve introduced new relation properties to issues, making it easier for you to add detail to the issue. These function similar to how the blocks and blocked by properties work. (#1995, #2171, #2192, #2189, #2194)


⌚️ Onboarding Time Zone Selection

In the last release, we introduced time-zone settings. Now, new users can configure time-zones right during the onboarding process. (#2148)



  • Revamped the entire designs for workspace, project, and profile settings, providing a fresher and more simplified view. (#2177, #2193, #2198, #2211, #2250)
  • Improved the self-hosted settings file for a better experience. (#2202)
  • Changed the issue priority from NULL to None. (#2142, #2229)
  • Updated the ESLint configuration package with fixes. (#2165)
  • Modified the structure for default properties for workspace and project members. (#2175)
  • Peek modes are available for My Issues and Project Issues in List, Kanban, and Gantt layouts. (#2172)
  • All drop-downs now dynamically reposition themselves based on the available screen space. (#2138)
  • Improved the sub issues count in individual issue. (#2221)
  • Enhanced the secondary background color consistency for the Kanban board across the entire platform. (#2228)
  • Updated the Docker naming conventions. (#2239)
  • Added the State and Priority order to the workspace user profile. (#2241)
  • Changed the Member tag to Joined in the project listing after joining a project. (#2247)
  • Implemented user greetings in the dashboard. (#2247, #2267)
  • Changed the priority properties in the workspace and project. (#2253)
  • Renamed all the tooltips' content for issues view from View to Layout across the platform for consistency. (#2255)
  • Added a tooltip to the activity logs that displays the exact time of activity creation. (#2235)
  • Revamped the entire spreadsheet layout to provide a clearer view of issues. (#2273)
  • Removed the logic of saving the last active calendar date range in the database and handled date range logic in the frontend. (#2277)
  • Removed the empty state from the sidebar and added a header to it within the Gantt layout. (#2279)
  • We've made target dates inclusive when filtering. (#2276)
  • Improved the process of fetching issues from the previous, current, and next month in the calendar view. (#2282)
  • Updated by removing the replacement script and adding project-level environment variables. (#2115)
  • Updated web and deploy backend configurations for reverse proxy and decoupled Plane Deploy URL generation for web. (#2135)
  • Fixed the issue where Nginx was continuously rewriting and reloading on the index page of the Spaces app. (#2236)
  • Added instructions to the contributing guide. (#2270)
  • Handled errors when creating labels with the same name. (#2299)

Bug Fixes:

  • Handled view props from the Frontend. (#2160)
  • Changed and handled view props from the Backend. (#2146)
  • Resolved the recurring display properties call within the calendar view. (#2167)
  • Fixed the common configuration for Tailwind. (#2168)
  • Corrected a typo in the project automation settings. (#2153)
  • Fixed Cycles and Modules statistics issues when archived. (#2185)
  • Removed the dependency on the Tiptap Pro extension. (#2209)
  • Fixed error handling in the findStringWithMostCharacters function when an empty array is passed. (#2226)
  • Resolved the issue of label color in the activity logs displaying as black instead of the original color. (#2227)
  • Addressed the issues related to being unable to switch layouts and toggle display properties in profile issues. (#2228)
  • Fixed the statistics for completed, pending, and other assignee statuses when issues are archived. (#2185)
  • Fixed pending issue counts not displaying correctly with assignee avatars in Scope Analytics.(#2247)
  • Fixed the bug related to fetching dropdown options for the profile issue. (#2246)
  • Fixed the State & Member selection build error in the sub issues. (#2254)
  • The bug in the completed cycles percentage has been fixed. (#2250)
  • Resolved the issue of notifications not triggering for auto-archive and auto-closed issues. (#2208)
  • Optimised n+1 queries for cycle list and project member endpoints. (#2257)
  • Fixed the issue of Group by labels not working on the My Issues and User Profile pages. (#2267)
  • Renamed Show empty states to Show empty groups on the display filters dropdown in User Profile. (#2267)
  • Fixed the issue of the Gantt block being clicked while moving it. (#2275)
  • Fixed the issue of deleted inbox issues appearing in Project issues without accepting it. (#2290)
  • Fixed the issue where estimates were displaying an index value instead of the point value. (#2281)
  • Fixed name character limits in user details and role dropdown overflow in coworker invite during onboarding. (#2289)
  • Fixed the issue where the Add Issue options and Issue Type filter were displayed in the archived issues. (#2289)
  • Fixed all the icons in issue activity to ensure consistency across the product. (#2289)
  • Fixed the overflow issue in display filters when the issue type is set to Backlog Issues. (#2289)
  • Fixed the issue where notifications were duplicated and the problem with the count for Mark All as Read. (#2292)
  • Fixed the issue with the Unsplash API. (#2310)


Release v0.12.1-dev

Improvements, Bug fixes & more
September 12, 2023

image Patch v0.12.1-dev is here, focusing on improving our self-hosting options and fixing issues from Plane Deploy.


  • Users can now change the access level of comments (to support Plane Deploy) they have posted and view whether the comment is public or private after posting it. (#2116)
  • Specific icons will now be rendered for different dates based on the time difference from the current date. (#2114)
  • Updated the state icons and colors throughout the platform. (#2126)
  • Removed the getServerSideProps function from the app installations page. (#2130)
  • Added a pre-release tag for workflow publications. (#2133)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a workspace-level typo in cross-project issue linking. (#2105)
  • Resolved the opacity issue on the settings page. (#2105)
  • Fixed the text color of the role-select dropdown in onboarding. (#2117)
  • Updated the Plane logo in various places across the product. (#2118)
  • Resolved the issue where custom start and due date filters were not working on 'My Issues' and 'Profile Issues'. (#2123)
  • Corrected the logic for checking the existence of an object, rather than its truthiness or falseness. (#2137)
  • Fixed the handleClose function of the export modal. (#2124)
  • Fixed the issue of comment ordering for public boards. (#2108)
  • Corrected the issue with the edit issue comment mutation on Plane deploy. (#2109)
  • Removed the triage issue status from public boards. (#2110)
  • Made editor fixes for space. (#2119)
  • Fixed the comment card's editor integration for space. (#2129)
  • Removed redundant content being set twice for the web. (#2129)
  • Slash commands now work as expected in Space comments. (#2129)


  • Refactored the state group icon component and icons folder structure. (#2126)
  • Changed the priority icon renderer from a function to a component. (#2132)

Release v0.12-dev

Plane Deploy, Gantt Charts, User Time Zones & more
September 07, 2023

🎉 What’s new?

We have just published our August updates, and just five days later, we are excited to introduce our latest release, Plane v0.12-dev. This release is packed with power, taking Plane Deploy to a whole new level. But that's not all; there's more to it, including time zone enhancements, improved Gantt charts, table support for our issue detail-rich text editor, and much more. Dig in

New Features

🌠 Face-lift to Plane Deploy

We’ve made some significant upgrades to Plane Deploy, with the goal of making customer feedback process smoother and faster. Here are the upgrades ⬇️

  • Commenting on Public Boards: When your boards are made public with commenting enabled, external users can start adding comments to the issues.

    Note that, users need to sign in on the boards in order to comment. Also, when these users add comments they’ll not be added as the project members but instead added as contributors to your project.

  • Upvotes and Downvotes: Contributors who have logged in to your public board can also upvote or downvote issues to help prioritize tasks within your project.

  • View Issues with Peek-Overview: Users or contributors can now view issue details on your public boards using a "peek-overview" mode. Please note that not all information will be visible. The attributes that can be seen are as follows: Title, Description, Priority, Due Date, Public Comments, Upvotes/Downvotes, and Reactions.

  • Reactions: Just like upvotes, users can react with emoji’s.

(#2006, #2010, #2012, #2013, #2017, #2022, #2026, #2030, #2039, #2050, #2051, #2054, #2057, #2058, #2068, #2069, #2073, #2077, #2081, #2084, #2096, #2099, #2100, #2108, #2109, #2110, #2116)

🎉 Gantt comes out of Beta

Ten commits, and thousand lines later, Gantt layout now comes out of Beta with killer features.

  • View issues in Gantt layout, smoother faster and accurate—renders blocks with start date and due-date.

  • Complete revamp of the design, making the gantt layout more pleasing and easy to work with.

  • A new sidebar to spot issues quickly.

  • Left and right navigators to jump to an issue that’s out of timeline.

  • Move gantt blocks horizontally to adjust start date and due-date of an issue.

  • Supports filters from View options.

    (#1900, #2024, #2070, #2074, #2101)

👀 Peek overviews for Spreadsheet layout

We've introduced a new feature, Peek Overview, which provides a quick look at your issues. This view is compatible with the spreadsheet layout and is also available for deployed public projects.

  • Occupies half of your screen, providing you with a view of activity related to other issues.

  • Allows users to edit issues directly within the Peek Overview, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages.

  • Fast and highly responsive.

    (#1979, #2021, #2043, #2064, #2075)

🕝 Better comms with Timezones

With the integration of time zones, all activities on Plane are now more accurately recorded. Update your time zone settings in your user profile to enhance communication with your project members.

  • Local time can be displayed based on the time zone set in user profiles.

  • Activities related to issues are logged according to the time zone specified by the user.

    (#2002, #2009, #2089)

🚀 New attribute to Issues: start date

You can now add a start date to issues, facilitating better planning and estimation. This addition also aids in filtering and sorting issues.

  • Helps view your issues based on timelines on the gantt layout.
  • Filter or order issues based on the start-date attribute.
  • [coming-soon] notifications for issues based on start-date. image (#1813, #1955, #2007)

😉 Tables on the Text

In our previous release, we unveiled a comprehensive revamp of our Rich Text Editor for issue details. Expanding on that, we now offer the ability to include tables within those details.

  • Generate tables using slash commands.
  • Add or remove rows and columns with ease.
  • Supports adding headers for better column identification. image (#2008, #2033, #2061, #2092)

📝 Mark as read on Notifications

Too many notifications? Hit Mark as read from the notifications dropdown to declutter all your notifications. image (#1963, #1982)


  • Now, Guests and Viewers can easily leave a project anytime. Simply hover the project in the sidebar click on the 'Leave' option to fulfil your request. (#2042, #2079, #2083)
  • Added the "Group by Assignees" filter for issues. (#1957)
  • Added the issue activity redirection to cycles and modules. (#1973)
  • Updated the user activity endpoint to return only workspace activities. (#1980)
  • Improved development workflows by incorporating PR build updates, while also eliminating image updates with every merge. (#1985)
  • Updated Docker files for Plane-Web and Plane-Deploy, culminating in successful builds. (#1987)
  • Implemented new module status icons and refreshed the color palette for status indicators. (#2011)
  • Improved issue detail sidebar. (#2014)
  • Improved the themes in the Kanban Boards and Sign In pages. (#2055)

Bug Fixes

  • Proper date validation has been added to cycles and modules. (#1945)
  • The project creation response now includes member roles and member statuses. (#1962)
  • The problem with mutation issues in workspace member invitations has been resolved. (#1966)
  • The mutation issues in project member invitations has also been fixed. (#1967)
  • The Tiptap editor's maximum width has been adjusted to occupy the proper screen size. (#1968)
  • After deleting a project, users will now be redirected to the projects list page. (#1970)
  • Optimized the n+1 for project members. (#1975)
  • Pending member invites have been reordered to appear at the start of the members' page. (#1978)
  • Introduced workspaceSlug to the endpoint for my profile activity. (#1983)
  • Repositioned the activity loader for My Issues. (#1983)
  • Omit the display of completion percentage if the user does not have any assigned issues. (#1984)
  • Favorite project is generated only when the plus icon within the favorites section of the sidebar is utilized. (#1993)
  • Optimized the n+1 for issue history endpoint for comment reactions. (#1994)
  • Optimized the n+1 for issue automation tasks for auto closing and auto archiving issues.(#1994)
  • Resolved the problem related to issue exports in self-hosted instances. (#1996)
  • Implemented responsiveness for Cycles and Modules Cards view. (#1997)
  • Modified the "Next Link" tag to an anchor tag for exporting downloads. (#2000)
  • Tiptap editor export issues have been fixed. (#2001)
  • Corrected the Issue creation statistics/counts in the user profile. (#2016)
  • Rectified the project progress calculation logic in the Profile Sidebar of User Profile. (#2018)
  • Resolved the empty state issue in Kanban layout for Subscribed issues in User Profile. (#2018)
  • Addressed the Group-By Property persistence issue when changing the layout. (#2018)
  • The issue where the subscribed issues in My Issues were not rendering has been fixed. (#2037)
  • Fixed issue with display names in Active Cycles. (#2041)
  • Fixed the mutation issue in notification counts. (#2053)
  • Resolved the issue related to cycle and module selection within the issue details sidebar. (#2056)
  • Numerous bugs in the platform have been resolved, resulting in a smoother experience. (#2036, #2072, #2080, #2082, #2088, #2094, #2102, #2105, #2111, #2114, #2117, #2118) Thanks to all our contributors - @sriramveeraghanta, @pablohashescobar, @aaryan610, @dakshesh14, @NarayanBavisetti, @henit-chobisa, @Palanikannan1437, @vamsi, and @vihar.

Release v0.11-dev

Plane Deploy, Exporters, Display Names
August 23, 2023

🎉 What’s new?

It’s been a busy month for Plane. We’ve added tons of new features, but there’s one cool one that’s worth celebrating— Introducing Plane Deploy. With Plane Deploy, make your project boards public with just one-click, but that’s not all. There’s more.

Read the full release notes to learn more 👇

The Big Features

🛰️ Brace yourself, Plane Deploy is here.

Now share your project boards with the world using just one click with Plane Deploy. This feature will make it easier to let your users and customers know what features you’re on or when bug fixes are rolling out.

Animated GIF

  • Click the Publish button located in the project menu.
  • Select the views you'd like your users to see, such as List or Kanban.
  • Hit Publish and your project will go live on the web, accessible via a new '' URL.

Please note that Plane Deploy is only available in the Cloud version, but will soon be offered in the self-hosted version as well.

(#1844, #1863, #1866, #1870, #1875, #1878, #1885, #1893, #1906, #1921, #1925)

🚀 Export your workspace data to CSV, Excel and JSON

You requested it, and we've delivered. Administrators now have the capability to export workspace or project data into CSV, Excel, or JSON formats. (#1840, #1857, #1865, #1946)

Animated GIF

  • Administrators can go to Workspace Settings → Exports.
  • Select the desired export format and choose the required projects.
  • Hit 'Export,' and voilà, the requested data should be ready within a few second.

🎹 You’ll start falling in Love with our new RTE. Thanks to Tiptap!

We've enhanced the project detailing experience a hundredfold with this new update. The improvements include migrating from our existing rich text editor, Remirror, to Tiptap. We're confident you'll love the results.

Animated GIF

  • We’ve made sure all your data is safely migrated, so you can experience our new rich text editor on the go.
  • Includes—headings, code blocks, quotes, link, images and more formats.
  • Slash commands work like magic, so you need not think or worry about formatting the content.
  • Saves in realtime, so your data is never lost.

But that's not all; our team is continuously working to improve the issue detailing experience. Stay tuned for upcoming features like tables, issue hyperlinking, user tagging, and more.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Fun and Freedom Matters, Introducing Display Names

Introducing Display Names: Update once and you're set. We've ensured that these changes are reflected throughout the product, including in assignees, activity updates, and more. Don't hesitate—update your display names on the profile page today! 😊

(#1796, #1804, #1808, #1812, #1818, #1819, #1823, #1881, #1889, #1894)


🤕 Improvements

  • Implemented MobX setup and enhanced the app sidebar and theme management. (#1798, #1879, #1890)
  • Removed the auto start date configuration. (#1799)
  • Added a subscribed tab on the My Issues page for self-subscribed issues. (#1800)
  • Created an empty state for the multi-level dropdown to display absent values. (#1802)
  • Enabled user profile redirection for issue activity. (#1805)
  • Improved the UI of Display properties and their placement in Issue tickets in both Kanban and List layouts. (#1806, #1883)
  • Updated user permissions for project and workspace settings to manage sensitive data visibility. (#1807)
  • Added resizing for Gantt chart blocks to edit dates. (#1810, #1886)
  • Implemented empty state designs for user profile graph metrics. (#1811)
  • Added the Start Date property for issues. (#1813)
  • Included the Start Date property on the profile and My Issues page. (#1815)
  • Enhanced the sidebar UI for better navigation. (#1816)
  • Display emails in workspace and project settings for members based on their user roles. (#1817)
  • Improved issue list date filters and properties. (#1820)
  • Start date option has been added to the spreadsheet view. (#1824)
  • Limit access to sensitive functions in settings for users with the Member role. (#1828)
  • Experience a completely new rich text editor as we have upgraded it to the Tiptap editor. (#1832, #1877, #1884, #1897)
  • Enhanced the sorting order for cycle and module list endpoints. (#1835)
  • An option to update the profile cover photo has been added in the profile settings. (#1836)
  • Project search functionality has been added to the project list page. (#1837)
  • Added random color generation for label creation and optimized the code. (#1839)
  • Cycle through sort orders for arranging in Gantt view by sort order. (#1841)
  • Utilize module sort order to arrange items in Gantt view. (#1841)
  • Automatically reset the issues’ ordering to manual by default when revisiting the Gantt view. (#1886)
  • Revised migration files for version 0.11. (#1851)
  • Adjusted the aspect ratio of the profile image upload modal to 1:1. (#1853)
  • Improved the exported issue date formatting. (#1855)
  • Implemented a Skeleton Loader for Profile Activity. (#1858)
  • Implemented comprehensive validation for issue activities to track issue descriptions. (#1887)
  • Implemented the start date property for custom analytics' X-axis measure and grouping. (#1888)
  • Incorporated the ability to edit links that have been uploaded to the issues or modules. (#1895)
  • The dashboard's upcoming issues list now displays issues with approaching start dates. (#1902, #1904)
  • Styled the empty state for analytics statistics. (#1903)
  • UI for creating and updating issue modal properties is now consistent. (#1907)
  • You can now directly add projects to your list of favorite projects from the sidebar. (#1909)
  • A responsive empty state has been implemented for profile statistics. (#1911)
  • Updated the default API base_url. (#1922)
  • Concealed the New Issue button from the empty state screen of the page displaying my subscribed issues. (#1927)

🐝 Bug Fixes

  • Optimized n+1 issue handling for better performance. (#1785)
  • Fixed issue with empty label filtering. (#1795)
  • Fixed the issue with shortcuts overlapping with OS and browser defaults. (#1822)
  • Theming has been updated using MobX. (#1827)
  • Resolved the bulk delete keyboard shortcuts issue on MacOS. (#1829)
  • Resolved the problem of states not displaying after project creation. (#1830)
  • Resolved the problem where the Global Search menu did not close when selecting an option. (#1833)
  • Resolved the issue with date filtering (created_at, updated_at, start_date, target_date, completed_at). (#1834)
  • Unified save process for both GET and POST requests in date filtering. (#1834)
  • The issue with global search not changing the theme when a custom theme is active has been resolved. (#1842)
  • Fixed the issue where empty groups were not appearing on the 'My Issues' Kanban board. (#1843)
  • fixed the issue with sub issue endpoint for state distribution. (#1845)
  • Corrected the Custom Theming Color Picker Positioning Issue. (#1846)
  • Resolved the Issue with Sub-issue Progress Indicator. (#1847)
  • Fixed the left drag flicker issue with Gantt chart’s blocks. (#1854)
  • Resolved the gray background issue associated with PNG format images. (#1856)
  • Aligned the Width of Select Date Fields in the Issue Details Sidebar for Consistency. (#1859)
  • Corrected the Slack Queryset to list and retrieve Slack-connected projects. (#1860)
  • Resolved the issue of Notification card not redirecting to archived issue details for archived issues. (#1861)
  • Fixed the issue with exporting CSV with the X-axis set as assignee, now includes IDs along with first_names and last_names in the CSV. (#1862)
  • Fixed the issue with exporting CSV with the segment set as assignee, IDs are now included in the CSV along with first_names and last_names. (#1862)
  • Resolved the problem of issue duplication in both the Assigned and Created tabs of my issues. (#1882)
  • Cycle validation has been addressed in both the cycle list and cards, preventing users from editing or deleting completed cycles. (#1901)
  • Aligning the assignee count layout within the cycle card has been adjusted. (#1901)
  • Updated the title field validation to optional for links in modules. (#1905)
  • The problem of multiple context menus opening upon right-click has been resolved. (#1913)
  • Adjusted the positioning of the context menu to ensure it opens appropriately when there isn't sufficient space for proper rendering. (#1913)
  • Validated start and target date selections in create module form to prevent invalid date ranges. (#1914)
  • Resolved the build error related to the null check for 404 and search parameters. (#1919)
  • The title field in the module link modal has been updated. (#1905)
  • Update the restricted workspace slugs. (#1920)
  • Resolved the problem of the Add Project button not appearing in the sidebar. (#1926)
  • Resolved the mutation issue of sidebar projects after joining. (#1944)
  • Corrected the problem of label color select popover overflow. (#1949)

♻️ Refactor

  • Removed escape keydown listener. (#1814)
  • The code for conditional statements. (#1822)
  • Not initiating calls to the member's endpoint to retrieve membership status. (#1831)
  • Adopting WebP Image Format in Place of SVG. (#1852)
  • Refactored props structure of the context menu component. (#1913)
  • Refactored useOutsideClickDetector hook to call the callback function on mousedown instead of click. (#1913)
  • Refactored project and workspace delete modals with react-hook-form for Enter key submission and component optimization. (#1915)

Release v0.10-dev

Cross-Project Issue linking, User public profiles, My Issues
August 1, 2023

✈️ What’s new?

We're thrilled to unleash our quick succession major release, loaded with intuitive updates that will take Plane to the next level of awesomeness! 💫

Cross-Project issue property issue linking

With this new feature, you can now effortlessly link any issue from any project within your workspace to the current project. Whether it's a sub-issue, blocked issue, or blocked by issue, managing issues and collaborating across projects is now easier with a single toggle.


(#1609, #1612, #1625)

Say Hello to the Revamped My Issues Page! 🚀 🔍

We are excited to present the all-new My Issues page with enhanced customization options, empowering you to take full control of your issue management! With this revamp, we've introduced a host of powerful features.


  • 👁️ Customize View Options: Enjoy the freedom to personalize your issue view exactly the way you want.
  • 🔍 Add Filters for Efficient Issue Sorting: Now, you can effortlessly add filters to your My Issues, allowing you to quickly find and focus on the tasks that matter most to you.
  • 🛠️ Choose Your Preferred Layout: Now, you can effortlessly select your preferred issue view layout, whether it's a comprehensive and detailed layout or a simplified and streamlined one.
  • 👀 Stay Updated on Your Set of Issues: Stay on top of your tasks by selecting your view based on issues assigned to you or those created by you.

(#1666, #1681, #1726, #1727, #1733, #1753, #1754)

🫂 Member’s Profile Analytics

Now, you have access to a comprehensive view of members' activities, covering issue creation, assignments, and subscriptions, all conveniently located in one place.

🙌 With customizable layouts, including List and Kanban views, plus powerful groupings, ordering, and display options, you can now gain deeper insights into each member's contributions.

📊 Our robust filtering options provide a transparent, organized workflow, enhancing collaboration and team efficiency!

(#1682, #1698, #1710, #1728, #1733, #1737, #1745, #1747, #1749, #1751, #1752, #1754)


🧙‍♂️ Expanded Content Magic: Pages' Block View Personalization!

By enabling the Show full block content option within the page, you'll experience pure magic as the expanded view is automatically applied to all blocks in all the pages within the project.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Bid farewell to the hassle of clicking on each block individually. With this latest update, relish an expanded view of each block's content without the need for repetitive clicks.

Once you activate this feature, your preferred view will be consistently applied across all blocks in all pages within the project until you decide to disable it. (#1652, #1669, #1673)

✈️ Express Yourself with Emojis!

Now, you can react like never before to issues and comments using fun emojis! 😄👍 Spread positivity, show support, and express yourself effortlessly with a click! Collaborating has never been this delightful! So, let your emoji thoughts flow and make it a breeze! (#1674, #1690, #1692)


🧹 Manage Sub-Issues with Ease!

We've refined our Sub-Issues View to ensure smoother project management. Now, you can effortlessly toggle the view to show or hide sub-issues, allowing you to focus on what requires your attention. Experience a more organized project and enhance your productivity! 📝🧹 (#1665, #1679)

🌈 Project Cover Image 📸: Let Your Projects Shine!

Unleash your creativity with Project Cover Images! Add a touch of uniqueness to your projects by uploading captivating cover images. Make a lasting impression and express the essence of each project like never before. It's the perfect way to make your projects stand out in style! 🌟🖼️ (#1668, #1676, #1704)

🔄 Efficient Project Reordering

Reorder projects effortlessly with drag & drop! Organize favorites, joined, and un-joined projects separately in the sidebar with our improved UX. Boost productivity and stay on top of your tasks. (#1701, #1725, #1727, #1736, #1738, #1744, #1756)

⚙️ Improvements

  • Added a tooltip for the notification icon in the collapsed sidebar. (#1605)
  • Updated the border style of the automation settings. (#1605)
  • Updated the cursor style for the free plane label in the sidebar. (#1605)
  • Improved Issue Create Update by n+1, Issue Activity Get by n+1, and Cycles by n+1. (#1606, #1689)
  • Implemented proper error message display on the profile form submission. (#1611)
  • System preference is now shown by default, reducing setup complexity. (#1616)
  • User-selected themes are now saved and applied on subsequent visits. (#1616)
  • Project leads are now automatically added as project members, even when they are not current project members. (#1627)
  • Styled the created project modal, improving the visual appearance. (#1628)
  • Revamped cycles list page design with empty states for improved usability. (#1633)
  • The project details endpoint now returns total members, cycles, and modules, providing more comprehensive project information. (#1637)
  • Updated the project identifiers length to accept 12 characters and added proper validations for character entries, ensuring data integrity. (#1636, #1638, #1643, #1663, #1755, #1757)
  • Updated the project issue link activity to return the URL on delete, improving the handling of issue links. (#1639)
  • All the issue properties will now be enabled by default just after creating the project. (#1640)
  • Added the ability for guests and viewers to comment, promoting collaboration and feedback from all project stakeholders. (#1650)
  • Improved the global search endpoint for across-project search in a workspace, enabling users to quickly find information across multiple projects. (#1649)
  • Enhanced UX for labels on issue cards with visible applied titles. (#1653)
  • Added Pagination to Notifications for better and organized visibility about all your updates. (#1580, #1678, #1734)
  • Improved search results positioning for a more intuitive experience. (#1680)
  • Added project identifier for each search result item. (#1680)
  • Enhanced the responsiveness of issue titles to match the screen responsiveness. (#1683)
  • Improved the UI for the Sibling Issues & Views widget's menu for a more intuitive user experience. (#1699, #1742)
  • Added new colors to enhance the theming structures. (#1727)
  • Added bulk invites for members at the workspace level. (#1530)
  • Get notified on issues you create, regardless of role in the workspace. (#1739, #1740)
  • Improved Create Project form with better styling. (#1741)
  • Leave workspaces effortlessly with the Leave option. (#1746)
  • Global CSS file now includes a primary color variable for seamless styling. (#1748)
  • Added non-existing states for project entities (#1770)
  • Improved alignment issue in comment activity (#1771)
  • Added consistent padding to match the sidebar's layout applied (#1767)
  • Implemented dynamic length title on hover, which allows it to expand and occupy available space while shrinking upon hovering to reveal the quick action icon in the sidebar. (#1767)
  • Show a message if dragging an un joined project in the sidebar. (#1763)

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where project selection was not working on the create issue modal. (#1608)
  • Resolved a bug related to custom search select query. (#1610)
  • Fixed the link form not submitting when pressing Enter. (#1613)
  • Fixed the issue activity for attachments, ensuring proper display of attachment-related activities. (#1626)
  • Fixed the issue parent activity. (#1629)
  • Removed the blocker and blocked issue payload. (#1629)
  • Disabled older dates on the start date popup, preventing the selection of invalid dates. (#1631)
  • Closed datepicker once the date is selected, improving the user interface of date selection. (#1631)
  • Fixed the issue with the remove issue link activity not displaying the removed link, providing better clarity when issue links are removed. (#1644)
  • Titles for issue links are now optional, allowing users the flexibility to include titles for issue links when desired. (#1641)
  • Issue link validation is now fixed, ensuring accurate validation of issue links, preventing incorrect or broken links. (#1645)
  • Fixed the issue with the create issue modal resetting when the project is changed, ensuring a consistent and seamless issue creation experience. (#1647)
  • Fixed the notification select related fields for n+1s, resolving issues related to notification selection. (#1646)
  • Fixed the display of API errors for AI responses. (#1677)
  • Fetching states only when the dropdown is opened. (#1684)
  • Fixed the issue with filters for enhanced properties fetch. (#1688)
  • Fixed the issue with conditional checks for the create view form. (#1691)
  • The issue of workspace deletion when only one admin or member is present has been resolved.(#1700, #1730)
  • Added appropriate validations to the workspace name. (#1702)
  • Fixed the issue where Google authentication tab was not accepting width as a string. (#1708)
  • Fixed the issue with the image uploader by allowing it to accept PNG and JPEG file formats only. (#1720)
  • In the rich text editor, image uploads will now take 35% of the width instead of 100%. (#1720)
  • Fixed the mutation issue related to workspace member invitation. (#1721)
  • Moved the mutation of project invitations to the finally block. (#1722)
  • Issue with project invite has been fixed. (#1760)
  • The problem of project selection while creating an issue from the create issue form has been resolved. (#1766)
  • Prevented accidental toggling of notification read status. (#1769)
  • Resolved custom theme persistence after signing out. (#1780)

Release v0.9-dev

Project Automation, In-app notifications, Bulk Invites
July 20, 2023

📢 What's new?

This release ships with several highly requested features––Notifications, Automations, Bulk Invites, and more, drawing us nearer to our General Availability (GA) version. Delve into the details to learn about all the new updates,

🎉 Introducing Project Automation

While we are still in the initial stages, we have started our automation process by unveiling two new features: Issue Archive and Auto-close Issues. These will enhance transparency regarding existing issues and facilitate the transition of your issues in 'Done' and 'Cancelled' status to your archive box.


  • Auto-Archival for Completed & Cancelled Issues: Define specific durations to automatically archive issues in the Completed and Cancelled state groups. This feature ensures your issue board stays organized and clutter-free, without the need for manual intervention.
  • Auto-Closure of Inactive Issues: You can now set a customized duration for automatic closure of inactive issues.

(#1502, #1500, #1520, #1538, #1547, #1559, #1564, #1569)

🔔 Never miss a thing, Introducing In-app Notifications

We are excited to bring you the brand-new In-app Notification system, ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to important updates on your issues.


  • Created Issues: Get new information quickly about the issues you made.
  • Assigned Issues: Keep track of updates on issues given to you.
  • Subscribed Issues: Always catch the latest news on issues you're following.

(#1363, #1515, #1534, #1498, #1553, #1566, #1573, #1577, #1579, #1580, #1583, #1584, #1587, #1588 , #1591, #1592, #1593, #1596, #1598)

👥 Unveiling the Potent Bulk Invites!

Add multiple members to your projects using the bulk invites feature. Customize roles during the invitation process to ensure a seamless project adventure. 🚀 (#1466)


📊 New fields on Spreadsheet View

Created_On and Updated_On properties now display the creation and last update dates of each issue, empowering you with valuable timeline information. (#1454)

🤝 Unveiling OpenAI Host! 🌐

We are thrilled to announce the addition of support for custom OpenAI API endpoints, ensuring seamless compatibility. Additionally, we have updated the OpenAI-python package to its latest version and made necessary adjustments in accordance with the new API documentation. These exciting changes bring enhanced capabilities and improved performance.

A big thanks to @rush-skills for their valuable contribution to Plane 👏. (#1447)

🆕 New Icons package

Get ready to experience a fresh look and feel with our revamped icon collection. We've carefully curated a wide range of stunning icons to elevate your user interface and enhance your overall app experience. (#1586)

🛞 Improvements

  • Improved theming structure with high contrast color schemes, persistent theme maintenance, and resolved border color update issues. (#1565, #1555, #1496, #1533, #1559, #1422)
  • Revamped authentication screens for a more immersive experience. (#1531)
  • Styled the inbox with new theming and color schemes. (#1508)
  • Elevated Onboarding Experience for Maximum Immersion. (#1412, #1575)
  • Improved clarity of empty state screens for better user understanding. (#1497)
  • Redesigned label dropdown empty state for enhanced interaction. (#1065)
  • Resolved page overflow issues in the Pages recent section. (#1436)
  • Updated favorite projects endpoint for improved functionality. (#1522)
  • Added the is_favorite filter for easier project sorting. (#1518)
  • Updated classnames to align with the new theming structure. (#1494)
  • Renamed the company size field in workspace to organization size. (#1463)
  • Updated project members endpoint to support bulk operations. (#1464)
  • Upgraded backend dependencies for improved performance. (#1479)
  • Updated project members type for better data consistency. (#1459)
  • Improved workspace name and slug character limits. (#1453)
  • Dialog now closes when clicking outside of it. (#1364)
  • Added network timeout option to yarn install for better control. (#1382)
  • Removed the logger from GPT assistant. (#1542)
  • Issue properties will be hidden in Issue Views if their values are null. (#1554)
  • Revamped Styling for the Dashboard Navbar. (#1560)

🐜 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with showing alert on change rather than on submit if invalid characters are added to the input in create workspace. (#1535)
  • Resolved the problem of selecting labels once created using a modal. (#1537)
  • Resolved design issues with onboarding screens. (#1539)
  • Fixed create label form in the issue sidebar. (#1527)
  • Resolved dashboard pie chart legends overflow issue. (#1528)
  • Fixed redirection back to list view when an issue is deleted from the issue details page and performed code refactor. (#1521)
  • Resolved onboarding screen design issues. (#1517)
  • Fixed magic code letter casing issue with proper casing validations. (#1519)
  • Added missing argument and refactored the code. (#1506)
  • Fixed all Docker inconsistencies. (#1493)
  • Resolved overflow issues with longer state names in the Issues' Views. (#1444)
  • Fixed emoji render function. (#1484)
  • Fixed static and media files storages. (#1482)
  • Fixed workspace invitation delete for self-hosted versions. (#1475)
  • Corrected state icon colors on state group titles. (#1435)
  • Improved layout of tabs on Pages for adaptable responsiveness to mobile screens. (#1400)
  • Fixed user invitation workflow for self-hosted version. (#1441)
  • Resolved project members list endpoint n+1 issue. (#1458)
  • Fixed display properties in the Issues Views. (#1382)
  • Resolved cycle and module sidebar overflow. (#1436)
  • Fixed cycle list item overflow issue. (#1436)
  • Fixed UI for Labels & Filters dropdowns. (#1436)
  • Fixed charts design and mutation. (#1426)
  • The issue of opening the "Create issue" modal when no projects are available has been resolved. (#1546)
  • The rendering for the list of sibling issues has been fixed. (#1546)
  • The height of buttons and input placeholders in the authentication screens has been fixed to ensure consistency. (#1548)
  • The role-based permissions for favoriting objects have been fixed. (#1549)
  • Archive and project issues now have a distinct style. (#1552)
  • The old set of icons in the product tour screens has been replaced with a new set to maintain consistency. (#1555)
  • Fixed the scroll issues in authentication screens. (#1555)
  • Enhanced button styling in onboarding screens and improved date-picker color scheme. (#1562)
  • Resolved overlapping Y-axis values in Scope and Demand line graph. (#1563)
  • Added loading state to the Remove button when removing workspace logo. (#1586)

⚒️ Refactoring

  • Refactored the favorite projects fetch function and updated tooltip design. (#1526)
  • Refactored the serializers to avoid getting child items. (#1504)
  • Refactored the logic for selecting the parent issue. (#1546)
  • Standardized the date format throughout the platform. (#1461)

Release v0.8-dev

Spreadsheet View, Inbox, Quick add Labels, and Enhanced Search,
June 28, 2023

📢 What’s new?

We've been hard at work, and now it's time for the big reveal! This release introduces a sleek new view for effortless issue tracking and a feature empowering every user to contribute to your project's discussions. Let's dive in!

🎁 Introducing all-new Spreadsheet View

Unveiling the Power-Packed Spreadsheet View in Plane. Switch in just one-click.


  • 🔎 All Eyes on the Prize: View and assess the status, priority, and deadlines of each issue at a glance.
  • 🎨 Tailored to Perfection: Customize your Spreadsheet View by selecting properties from the View menu.
  • 📂 Masterful Management of Sub-Issues: Easily toggle and view nested sub-issues, simplifying your project navigation.
  • 💡 Swift Actions at Your Fingertips: Edit, delete, or copy issue links quickly using the intuitive hover menu.
  • 🔄 Smooth Integration: Directly add existing issues to cycles and modules from the Spreadsheet View for effortless project organization.

Experience improved visibility and efficiency, empowering administrators, managers, and developers with effective project management in Plane. (#1369, #1379, #1397)

📨 Introducing Inbox

We're over the moon to unveil 'Inbox' on Plane, your one-stop solution for creating and managing issues raised by project viewers and members.

But wait, there's more! Keep an eye out for an exciting upcoming feature: soon, you'll be able to seamlessly manage issues established by other teams via APIs or third-party integrations. A whole new level of collaboration is on its way!


  • 📌 All users, including guests and viewers, can generate issues in 'Inbox', pending admin approval.
  • 👍 Project admins can accept, decline, snooze, or label issues as duplicates as per the situation.

This process ensures that issues are created under the supervision and guidance of project admins, maintaining a structured approach to issue management. (#1023)

🔖 Quick add Labels

Take the convenience of labeling to a new level! Now, swiftly add labels to your issues directly from List, Kanban, Calendar, and Spreadsheet views. (#1390)


🔍 Enhanced Search Endpoints

Improved search endpoints for issues now enable seamless searching directly in issue details page, enhancing flexibility and convenience. (#1317)


🎈 Self-hosters you can now sign-up, instead of using default credentials.

For the convenience of our self-hosted users, we have introduced an enhanced experience by adding a sign-up page. This addition aims to simplify the onboarding process and provide a more seamless user experience. (#1306)

🩹 Improvements

  • Added info icon for activity graph. (#1353)
  • Added link and attachment count in sub issues. (#1352)
  • Updated cycle and module stats logic. (#1323)
  • Updated issue search for cycle and modules. (#1314)
  • Added assignee, label, and burn-down plot in module details. (#1313)
  • Toggled sub-issue view and sub-issue count in sub issues. (#1312)
  • Added assignee avatar and performed minor refactor on cycles list and retrieve endpoint. (#1320)
  • Replaced Recharts with Nivo charts. (#1305)
  • Added link and attachment count for cycles and modules. (#1307)
  • Added labels data in cycles. (#1223)
  • Project list endpoint now shows is_member status. (#1166)
  • Enabled/disabled signup in self-hosted environments. (#1271)
  • Improved the padding and styling for profile settings, activity & preference page. (#1335)
  • Developed the issue count in the workspace. (#1298)
  • Updated missing migration file when for model Inbox. (#1321)
  • Added tooltips to the all line graphs. (#1392)
  • Creating issues from "My Issues" is now more convenient with the preset assignee being yourself. (#1393)
  • Added loader for active cycles. (#1409)

🐜 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed words breaking abruptly in issues. (#1371)
  • Updated task for AI requests. (#1368)
  • Updated auth error messages. (#1376)
  • Fixed bulk delete issues mutation. (#1351)
  • Fixed description not loading while editing an issue. (#1349)
  • Fixed issue title overflowing in issue card. (#1339)
  • Fixed cycle stats empty state. (#1338)
  • Fixed importer delete when imported_data is None. (#1328)
  • Fixed issue details page authorization for title and description fields. (#1331)
  • Fixed application error in creating a new issue when grouped by label. (#1308)
  • Fixed email SSL setting for Docker environment. (#1299)
  • Fixed member invite issues. (#1303)
  • Fixed issue where lower role user could not invite higher role user. (#1302)
  • Fixed the mutation issues in the List & Kanban view in the Views feature page. (#1390)
  • Fixed the issue for showing the sidebar toggle button on the workspace dashboard and added responsiveness. (#1389)
  • Fixed the issue to create an issue on the workspace level. (#1393)
  • Enhanced styling consistency for multi-level dropdowns, ensuring a unified and polished appearance. (#1394)
  • The issue population for filtering issues based on a priority value of None has been resolved. This fix ensures accurate and consistent filtering of issues in the system. (#1398, #1399)
  • The issue of editing state groups from project settings has been resolved. Now, you cannot change the state's group if it is the only state in the group. (#1358)
  • The z-index issues for the quick action menu in the spreadsheet view have been resolved. (#1404, #1405)
  • Added proper labels when filtering the issue by Priority with the value of None. (#1407)
  • The status colors for the issues in the inbox have been updated. (#1408)
  • Fixed the X-axis values in the progress charts. (#1409)
  • Issue with GitHub importer fixed for improved user experience. (#1414, #1415)
  • Corrected the positioning of the tooltip in the spreadsheet view. (#1420)
  • Adjusted the spacing between the workspace ID and title. (#1420)
  • Rectified the layout of the issue detail page. (#1424)
  • Resolved the problem of the pie chart text overlapping on the dashboard. (#1426)
  • Resolved the issue of the burndown chart mutation in the cycles and modules sidebar. (#1426)

Release v0.7.1-dev

Analytics, Gantt Chart, and Custom Theming
May 22, 2023

✨ New Features

  • Get ready to reclaim your account with the amazing reset password page in self-hosted setups! (#1221)
  • New Plane proxy setup, just shipped. (#1181)
  • Experience your own personalized "My Issue" view with stored display properties. (#1124)
  • Unleash the power of tooltips, now available for issue titles and additional information in Gantt View. (#1112)

⚒️ Enhancements

  • Seamlessly integrated Minio for a smoother and more exhilarating experience. (#1172)
  • Docker setup and Nginx configuration enhanced to provide a blazing-fast journey. (#1144, #1150)
  • Take a quantum leap with optimized cycle and page endpoints, refactored code, and improved performance. (#1130, #1135, #1137)
  • Brace yourself for the magic of the optimized script. (#1146)
  • We have developed the route validation on non authenticated pages. (#1238)
  • Elevate your Docker experience with upgraded image uploads. (#1108)
  • Fixed and added the last workspace id. (#1237)
  • Dive into the updated Readme, now adorned with captivating features and breath-taking screenshots. (#1132)
  • Provided better handling of empty states when adding members to a project. (#1146)
  • Embark on a journey with improved workspace invitation email redirection URLs. (#1236)
  • Witness the inspiring utilization of APK in the Docker file. (#1198)
  • Unleash the power of invitation creation as we optimize workspace member handling. (#1209)
  • Dive into action with the revamped Docker compose quick start documentation. (#1173)
  • Fixed the theme provider issue, restoring harmony to your experience. (#1164)
  • Brace yourself for a smoother authentication workflow and mind-blowing redirection mechanisms. (#832)
  • Fetch only high priority issues for the active cycle. (#1228)
  • Cleaned up docker compose file for selfhosting. (#1022)

⚙️ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the workspace and project members’ user deletion journey & experience. (#1241)
  • Resolved the user profile data mutation issue. (#1243)
  • Prepare for a flicker-free experience with fixed assignee dropdown, sign-in button, and onboarding. (#1242)
  • Fixed issue search for blocking and blocked_by condition. (#1182)
  • Resolved file asset uploads issue in the workspace. (#1234)
  • Fixed forgot password email subject and template. (#1233)
  • Moved Minio endpoint URL to environment configuration. (#1210)
  • Fixed the reset password URL. (#1220)
  • Fixed onboarding UI issue. (#1225)
  • Replaced the Next JS Image element. (#1227)
  • Fixed file upload size limit. (#1218)
  • Resolved workspace member role update issue. (#1203)
  • Fixed email TLS when self-hosting. (#1206)
  • Fixed user public authentication workflow updates. (#1207)
  • Worked on updating the Docker uploads. (#1202)
  • Fixed project member role update issue. (#1205)
  • Fixed default status setting for module form. (#1160)
  • Resolved empty module mutation and issue view flickering. (#1158)
  • Fixed order, alignment, and layout issues in pages and cycles. (#1151, #1159, #1152)
  • Fixed issue ordering for priority and updated_by parameters. (#1142)
  • Worked on the analytics tracker events. (#1119)
  • Fixed project ordering in the projects page. (#1122)
  • Resolved role updating and project member deletion issues. (#1110, #1123)
  • Fixed the send code button behaviour on enter key press. (#1121)
  • Fixed cycle views endpoint. (#1128)
  • Fixed all other bugs and auth layer fixes. (#1224)
  • Generated auto-generated secret key with only hexadecimal characters. (#1133)
  • Showing the status for accounts not created in the workspace members. (#1111)
  • Worked on the Docker Setup. (#1136)
  • Updated cycle fetch keys names. (#1143)
  • Updated the single click deployments. (#1141)
  • Update text during the onboarding process. (#1149)
  • Update self hosting setup script. (#1145)

Release v0.7-dev

Analytics, Gantt Chart, and Custom Theming
May 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we're inching ever closer to the stable release of Plane. Today, we bring to you version 0.7-dev of Plane, which introduces game-changing features that we are incredibly proud of: Plane Analytics, Gantt View, Custom Theming, and more.

But that's not where the improvements end. This release also encompasses critical bug fixes to significantly enhance user experience. Specifically, we've improved the kanban scroll and height interaction, making it notably better than before. Furthermore, we've made substantial upgrades to our Docker setup to ensure a seamless and trouble-free hosting experience. Let’s get into the notes.

✨ New Features

Introducing Plane Analytics

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Plane Analytics – Crystal clear, cutting-edge, crucial: Project Analytics for everyone. Absolutely free and open-source.


  • Streamlined Interface: With Plane Analytics, we've simplified project analytics, making it more accessible to everyone. Our dashboard, your command center, offers a comprehensive view of your project’s progress, estimates, and issues.

  • Versatile Analytics: Use Issue Count and Estimate on the Y-axis and various issue sub-properties on the X-axis. Customize your view to gain the insights you need.

  • Data Grouping: Use stacked bar charts for enhanced grouping of different sub-properties. Visualize your data in the way that works best for you.

  • Deep Dives: Plane Analytics allows you to drill down to Cycles and Modules, providing a detailed understanding of your project's state.

  • Data Export: We've made data sharing easy with CSV exports. Share your insights with your team, stakeholders, or anyone interested.

We're excited to see how you use these new features to optimize your project management. Happy analyzing!

(#1029, #1014, #1065, #1056, #1057, #1059, #1060, #1054, #1053, #1055, #1049, #1051, #1039, #1041, #1040, #1037, #1035, #1018, #1015)

Introducing Gantt Chart View (Dev-Release)

Today, we are super excited to unveil the new Gantt Chart view. Please be advised that this is a development release, and as such, there may be some unexpected hiccups along the way.


  • Switch to Gantt Chart in just one-click, see the timelines based on start_date, due_date, last_updated_date.
  • Enhance the planning of your Cycles and Modules using the Gantt View.
  • More updates to Gantt Chart, coming soon.

Custom Theming

Now, you have the power to personalize your Plane interface to match your style and preferences. (#1028)

Animated GIF

  • Personalized Experience: Make Plane truly yours with custom themes. Add a personal touch to your project management experience by choosing colors and styles that match your vibe.

  • Easy to Change: Switching between themes is as easy as a click. Explore different looks until you find the one that fits you best.

  • Your Theme, Your Rules: Want to match your interface with your company colors? Or maybe you have a color that boosts your productivity? With custom theming, the choice is all yours!

⚒️ Improvements

  • Cycle New UI - We've revamped the cycle UI for a cleaner, more intuitive user experience. (#1052)


  • Lower Role User Cannot Update Higher Role User - Improved user role management to ensure that users with lower roles cannot alter the details of users with higher roles. (#1048)

  • We've made fixes to ensure seamless updates for workspace and project members. (#1046)

  • The horizontal scrolling issue in the Kanban board has been fixed for better experience. (#1038)

  • We've polished page detail styling for a more appealing look and feel. Refined page block padding for a more organized and pleasing visual layout. (#1030, #1034)

  • We’ve improved the breadcrumbs and tabs on the Workspace and Project settings page. (#1007)

  • Your calendar view now showcases more properties, making scheduling and planning easier. (#1024)


⚙️ Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed the issue with placeholder and AI response text not appending correctly in the textarea. (#1031)

  • We've fixed the cycle date check endpoint for smoother updates and improved accuracy. (#1006)

  • Addressed view issues mutation and enhanced the sidebar link highlight for better navigation. (#1025)

  • The AI button functionality has been restored when creating a page block. (#1013)

  • Calendar view mutation issue has been rectified for better date and event tracking. (#1042)

  • Addressed issues with the rich text editor on issue detail to enhance your content creation process. (#1008)

  • Multiple user interface refinements and bug fixes for an improved user experience. (#1043)

  • We've adjusted the width of the issue due date selector for better usability. (#1033)

  • Several minor bugs have been addressed for smoother operations. (#1000)

  • The Docker setup has been refined for improved performance and stability. (#987)

  • Issues with the single Docker file have been rectified. (#999)

  • We've fixed layout height and overflow issues for a more seamless visual experience. (#1004)

Release v0.6-dev

Jira Importer, Slack Integration and Themes
May 2, 2023

Introducing Light/Dark Mode

The wait is over! The highly requested Dark Mode and Light Mode feature is now available. With just one click, you can easily switch between your preferred modes and enjoy a personalized experience that suits your style.

  • Easily update your preferences with just a few clicks directly from your user profile or access them quickly from the Command menu.

  • Contrast modes for more comfortable and accessible viewing experience.

  • [Custom Theming] - Coming very soon. Stay tuned.


Commits - (#951, #945, #942, #941, #940, #938, #936, #924, #925, #923, #921, #920, #914, #918, #913, #912, #911, #906, #902)

JIRA Importer

You’ve requested for it, we’ve shipped it. The JIRA importer is now available on Plane. (#879)


  • Bring everything from JIRA in just a couple of minutes.
  • Simply add your JIRA tokens, and let us take care of the rest.
  • Enjoy seamless synchronization of issue properties, comments, and users during the import process.

Keep Your Team in Sync with Slack Integration (Beta)

Integrate Plane with Slack for better communication that keeps everyone in sync. (#874, #932)


  • Seamlessly integrate Plane with Slack in just two clicks.
  • Get instant notifications on Slack whenever new issues are created in Plane.
  • Create new issues directly from Slack using simple and intuitive Slack commands.

⚒️ Upgrades for a better user experience

⚙️ Improvements

  • See What’s New from the workspace dashboard, so you’ll not miss out on the new features, upgrades, and bug fixes.

  • Creating estimate points is now much easier. (#927, #897, #871, #870, #893)


  • Issue detail gets a new facelift, now you can track the progress of sub-issues. (#895, #885)


  • Create new labels for Pages directly from the labels dropdown menu on the Page. (#944)

  • Our Calendar view has been improved to allow you to view multiple issues on a date and create new issues easily. (#948, #901)


  • More updates to Calendar View, now support filters. (#908)
  • Workspace and Project settings now have an improved user interface. (#946)
  • Cycle validations are now easier. (#922)
  • We’ve added an option to copy Page URLs with one-click. (#915)

Bug Fixes

  • Estimate points had a hard time updating and saving. This issue is now fixed. (#935)
  • Access workspaces from URLs is now more secure. (#928)
  • We’ve fixed issues with placeholders being persistent on the Rich Text Editors across the platform. (#909)
  • We have resolved the issue with the Project join button for members who have access to the workspace. (#873)
  • We’ve fixed a mutation glitch when accessing Pages. (#896)
  • The issue with the persistence of filters on Cycles and Modules when switching has been fixed. (#892)
  • More UI improvements and fixes. (#867, #877)

Community Contributions

Thanks to @kylewlacy for helping us add more self-hosting options. (#833)

Release v0.5-dev

GitHub Importer is Live, Introducing Issue Estimates, and Issue Attachments.
April 18, 2023

Before anything else, Thank you 🙏

We're so grateful for all the love and support you've shown us for Plane. We just wanted to let you know that we've hit an amazing milestone of 1500 stars on GitHub, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Our team has been working tirelessly to address the errors we encountered in our Docker configuration, and we're happy to announce that this release is a more stable version. We want to note that Plane is still in its development stage, so there might be some bumps in the road. But please know that we're doing everything we can to make it more stable for you.

✨ New Features

GitHub Importer is Live 😸

Bring in all issues from GitHub onto Plane in just a few clicks with our new GitHub importer. (#722)

  • Easily bring all your GitHub issues onto Plane with just a few clicks.
  • Manually map GitHub users to Plane users for better collaboration and communication.
  • Continue planning and managing your issues on Plane with GitHub sync.


Introducing Issue Estimates 💯

With estimates, you can now provide a more accurate description of the complexity or size of each issue on your project. (#696, #783, #762, #755, #721)

  • Unlimited estimate points and types.
  • Fully customizable, you define them, in your control.
  • Easily switch between estimate types, auto-reflects on Issues.


Issue Attachments 📂

You can now add reference or resource files to issues simply by dragging and dropping them. (#677, #717, #777, #782, #746, #796)

  • 5MB file upload limit on cloud-free plan, unlimited on self-hosted.
  • Supports all file types. No limitations.
  • Track attachments for issues with meta-data or issue activity.


⚒️ Upgrades for Better User Experience

  • Better Pages UX: create blocks, take notes more efficiently, and create new pages from the Command menu shortcut. Thanks for your feedback! (#769, #786, #754, #732, #797)
  • We have updated our Docker configuration to ensure greater stability for docker-compose. To take advantage of these changes, please delete all existing images, clone from our latest release, and run the command.
  • We have improved the security and stability of our authentication system. Your information is now even more secure 🔒.
  • We have smoothed out the onboarding process and fixed any bugs causing looping or errors ➿.
  • We have fixed an issue where special characters were not being validated when creating workspaces.

⚙️ Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • fix: workspace url error message (#809)
  • style: issue list (#798)
  • fix: workspace dashboard duplicate keys (#803)
  • fix: unusual redirection on onboarding (#808)
  • fix: error message for JIRA importers (#794)
  • fix: remove length check condition when updating issue property (#791)
  • fix: typo in URL for bulk creating labels (#788)
  • fix: issue attachment delete (#759)
  • fix: send code button fix (#802)
  • fix: weird redirection on index page (#801)
  • fix: workspace joining state fix (#780)
  • chore: added remove workspace image in workspace settings (#781)
  • fix: onboarding loop (#775)
  • fix: project setting identifier (#766)
  • fix: workspace join button fix (#774)
  • fix: worker script (#773)
  • chore: SSL config for REDIS connections to Celery
  • style: redesign view (#770)
  • fix: remove migrate command from worker script (#772)
  • chore: update doc redirection URL in user welcome email (#771)
  • style: attachment upload button (#765)
  • dev: fix causing tr Illegal byte sequence
  • fix: cycle date check endpoint (#748)
  • dev: migrations for estimate Estimate, IssueAttachment
  • fix: home page redirection logic (#752)
  • chore: user auth layer (#749)
  • chore: disable JIRA importer (#745)
  • fix: Celery worker for issue activities (#744)
  • fix: issue attachments mutation (#743)
  • fix: dashboard workspace activity mutation (#742)
  • fix: inconsistency in styles (#734)
  • fix: new auth layer (#740)
  • fix: fetch selected project members (#741)
  • fix: mutation issue in cycles (#739)
  • fix: shortcut combination key bug fix (#733)
  • fix: added image popover for settings cover (#737)
  • refactor: import/export code (#735)
  • chore: rename project name to project key (#731)
  • fix: project issue search endpoint (#729)
  • dev: upgrade Python version (#728)
  • chore: add project details on importer service endpoint (#714)
  • chore: add workspace and project details on label endpoints (#713)
  • refactor: move all background tasks from rqworker to Celery (#668)
  • fix: default assignee for issues (#712)
  • fix: issue attachment improvement (#730)
  • chore: delete import (#727)
  • dev: add imports for back migration and add migration for views (#707)
  • fix: add check if the users need to be imported (#716)
  • fix: issue search endpoint for parent issues (#705)
  • chore: new analytic events (#699)
  • style: disabled state for buttons (#724)
  • docs: update readme to include default email and password for self-hosting setup (#706)
  • chore: add workspace details on comment serializer (#697)

Release v0.4-dev

Pages with PlaneAI, Command Menu, Views and more
April 6, 2023

What’s New?

With 480 hours invested, over 150 commits made, 30 API endpoints developed, and countless CSS tweaks implemented, we are proud to announce our triumphant return!

We’ve got four game-changing upgrades that will change the way you plan your projects. Don’t wait another second - read our full release notes ⬇ to experience the latest updates from our eagerly awaited Plane v0.4-dev release.

🎉 New Features

Pages with Plane AI, powered by GPT ✍️ + 🤖

Tired of juggling multiple apps to keep track of all your important details? Say goodbye to that hassle and say hello to Pages - your new centralized hub for effortless documentation on Plane.

  • Easily record all the details related to your issues in one place. (#533, #544, #517, #503, #495, #468)
  • Convert page blocks into Issues and syncing them all at once is just one click away! (#548, #547, #532, #487)
  • Need help writing something? PlaneAI (powered by GPT) will help you with notes. (#526, #537, #539)

View and arrange issues the way you want with Custom Views 🔍

Create custom filters to show only the issues that matter to you. Why wait? Create, save and share it in just a few clicks.

  • Default view - Start by adding filters to your issues and group them or view them in whichever way suits you best, whether that be Kanban or List. (#528, #486, #466)
  • Custom Views - Create and save new views that you can re-use in the future or share with your team. (#530, #525, #439, #472)
  • Supports all Issues, Modules, and Cycles (#475, #500)

Supported filters - Priority, State, Assignee, Created by, Labels (#441, #462, #418) Supported views - Grouping, Ordering, State types (Backlog, Active) (#516, #490, #448)

Speed up with Command K ⌨️

Elevate your Plane experience to the next level with Command + K menu, a new tool for managing and navigating your projects.

  • With the Command + K menu, you can now search your workspace, projects, and issues globally, among other features. (#543)
  • Creating and updating issue properties is now at your fingertips. (#529)
  • You can now navigate to any page - be it settings, cycles, modules, or any other - using the Command + K menu. (#524)

All new dashboard to make your day easy 🎨

We have introduced a newly designed dashboard that provides you with useful insights to start your day. Here’s what you get now:

  • Basic metrics such as issues assigned to you, pending issues, completed issues, and issues due by this week, along with an activity graph to keep track of your progress. (#437, #454)
  • Overdue and upcoming issues to help you stay on top of your tasks. (#540, #502, #460, #519)
  • A summary of issue states assigned to you and closed issues for the month. (#522)


  • Lots of performance improvements. (#538, #534)
  • Module progress bar now shows the percentage of completion. (#535, #484)
  • New sub-issue toggle to see the sub-issue count on the list and kanban view. (#464)
  • All new sidebar for simple and easy navigation between projects. (#417, #447, #444)
  • Lots of new UI Improvements. New auth screens, modals, progress bars, kanban and list views, dropdowns, and many more. (#479, #478, #469, #485, #409, #446, #433, #416, #412)

Bug Fixes

  • Cycle date validation has been fixed. (#442)
  • Project ordering based on favorites has been fixed. (#427)
  • File assets uploading and deleting have been fixed. (#496)
  • State order now displays in the correct order. (#498)
  • Modals no longer overflow. (#549)
  • The project join page is now more secure and no longer flickers. (#541)
  • Dropdown overflowing issues have been fixed. (#513)
  • The profile page is now mobile responsive. (#512)
  • Kanban view drag and drop issues have been fixed. (#508)
  • The glitchy workspace creation has been fixed. (#510)

Release v0.3.1-dev

Add to favorites, new context-menu's and more
March 8, 2023

🗣️ Features

  • Introducing the Add to Favorites option for your projects and cycles! Now you can show those special projects some extra love by marking them as favorites. It's super easy too - just head over to Projects/Cycles > Collapse Menu > Make as favorite! 💖 (#359, #371, #369, #376)
  • Introducing an all-new context menu for issues that allows you to conveniently edit, copy, delete, and copy issue links. (#371)
  • We've tightened the reins on our CRUD operations for a completed cycle, so you can keep those timelines in check and ensure those pesky issues get fixed and rad features get implemented. (#358)
  • Not sure of dates? No problem, you can create cycles and mark them as Draft. (#358)
  • Elevate your projects to the next level by adding unique covers for easy identification and, of course, a touch of visual flair. (#354)

⚒️ Improvements

  • Check it out, everyone - we've given our platform a major facelift! Feast your eyes on a new, Give it a try, and let us know if you like the new look. (#377, #378, #360, #371, #362, #364, #376)
    • projects page
    • sidebar
    • issue list view
    • issue kanban view
    • cycle and modules info-bar
    • settings page
    • issue creation modal
    • dropdowns
    • inputs
    • and basically everything else.
  • Experience our new and lightweight improvements with the floating toolbar in the rich-text editor - it's a delight! (#378)
  • Get ready to take your dropdown game to the next level. Easily assign issues to users, choose labels, update states and more. Check out the sneak peek! (#371)
  • To enhance your user experience, we've added a convenient horizontal scroll to the Kanban view - making it easier than ever to navigate and manage your tasks. (#356, #372)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the working of the Upload button in Workspace > Settings > Logo. (#365)
  • Fixed a few mutations issues to match your speed.

Release v0.3-dev

GitHub Sync, Label Grouping, Issues + Links and more.
February 24, 2023

✨ What’s new?

  • GitHub Sync (Dev Release) - Seamlessly sync your Plane issues with your GitHub issues in one go! Documentation will be available soon, but you can try an early preview from Workspace settings. (#315)
  • Introducing the Label Groupings or projects, you can now create a cluster of labels to categorize them. (#254)
  • Set default states, and reorder them like the way you want to. Find the settings under navigate to Project > Settings > States.
  • Introducing the "Delete" option when dragging and dropping issues on Kanban. If you wish to delete an issue, simply move it to the top-center. (#270)
  • Issues ❤️ Links. You can now add links to issues as shortcuts or for content in the issue description field. (#240, #288)
  • Not ready to plan Cycles and Modules on your project? You can now disable them under Project settings. (#247)
  • Cycle Progress - Keep track of your cycle efficiency with burn down charts, which can be found on the right sidebar of the cycles page. (#268, #252)

⚒️ Improvements

  • You can now set the default state under project settings. This will ensure that the next time you create an issue without a state, it will automatically default to the state you have chosen. (#266)
  • Add multiple sub-issues to a parent issue all at once using our new bulk operations feature. (#284)
  • Now you can add issues to desired modules from the issue detail page. (#265)
  • Improved UX for Cycles and Modules, now you’ll see some sick sidebars, that’ll help you configure settings. (#265)
  • Mail did not show-up when signing in? Don’t worry, we’ve added Resend Magic Code option to make it easier and cool 😉. (#291)
  • Share with ease; now you can copy link to Project, Cycles, and Modules. Just use the overflow menu from the left sidebar. (#292)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • No more vertical overflow scroll on the Kanban view. (#206)
  • When copying text using CTRL/CMD + C, the create issue modal opened, we’ve fixed this now. (#277)
  • Improved search in the shortcuts menu, give it a try by hitting H. (#283)
  • Lots of UI and UX fixes. (#246, #297)
  • And last but not least, we've also made various refactoring and performance improvements. (#232, #304)

Release v0.2.1-dev

Path Release. Bug with Issue create shortcut, improved date-picker.
February 1, 2023

One day later, we welcome our patch release that fixes some minor UX issues; thanks to users on our discord for bringing these. If you’re not on it, hop on now, there’s some exciting stuff brewing.

⚡ Fixes

  • Add new issue modal now works; sorry for the last-minute update; we’ve added a new shortcut to compensate for this; just hit C, and see the magic.
  • A new customized date picker will now help you add due dates with ease, thanks to the react-date-picker library.
  • When you want to let go of your Cycles and Modules, the delete option works perfectly for you now.
  • A lot of mutation issues to catch up with your speed.

All details at, #228 and #227. If you see more bugs, do raise an issue on our GitHub, or report to us on Discord.

Release v0.2-dev

Improved Performance, Kanban and List Views.
February 1, 2023

Yo, Plane passengers! We've been keeping tabs on your love for the test launch, and let us tell you, the ride is about to get even better! We've been busy bees, revamping, tweaking, and giving the core features the ultimate stress test. And the verdict is in - Plane v0.2-dev is ready for takeoff! No major changes, just a whole lotta code refactoring for maximum fun and improved performance!

✨ Highlights

  • Introducing the updated and improved date picker, ensuring that setting due dates for issues is now seamless and error-free. #210
  • Say goodbye to annoying title persistence when hopping between issues, folks! We've got your back with the fancy-schmancy to debounce technique. #208
  • The user experience just got a major upgrade! No more overflowing issue titles, no more fixed comment sizes, and goodbye to those pesky scrollbars in the kanban list view. We're all about making things easier and more enjoyable for you. And if you come across any other roadblocks, give us a shout! 😉. #206 Some heavy code refactoring and performance improvements. #199, #176, #177, #179, #185, #211.

Release v0.1-dev

Plane is here. The open-source project planning tool.
January 11, 2023

It's here; it's here; the most awaited open-source project management tool is there. The PLANE 🛫 is here. Get on, and plan you're next big thing like never before.

With Plane, you track your issues, cycles, and product roadmaps. Take off and immerse into the world of software development.

Plane's cloud community edition will be free forever, with no user or issue limits. Self-hosting options are coming soon.

Lastly, should we call our Plane the open-source JIRA / Linear alternative? We’re leaving it for you 😉. Help us decide.

✨ Highlights

  • Plane is secured with three authentication workflows, allowing users to log in via email, a magic link/password, or via Google or GitHub accounts.
  • Immersive and smooth, our invite workflows will ensure that your team members are onboarded for better collaboration in either workspaces or projects within workspaces.
  • Working in secret? Switch your projects from public to secret in just one click under the project settings.
  • Create issues inside projects, and view them as you please with the List and Kanban options. That’s not all — group or order issues based on properties like priority, state, and assignees. And more is coming soon.
  • Add detail to your issues, and tell them what they are blocking or what they are blocked by. Create sub-issues, or coordinate with teams with comments and activities.
  • Create Cycles (aka Sprints) by grouping issues to ship your features or crunch bugs.
  • Manage team members, update roles and invite people with user profiles under workspace or project settings. Set identifiers to track multiple projects more effectively

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