September Round-Up: Quick-add Issues, Global Views, Issue Drafts, Time Zones and more!

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Round Up
Vihar Kurama
October 5, 2023
7 min read

17K GitHub stars? That's some serious love! Plane is likely one of the fastest-growing open-source projects currently. Moreover, Plane holds the distinction of being the most-starred project under #project-management on GitHub. We're truly grateful. In appreciation, we're excited to share a few releases from September.


Without further delay, let's dive into our round-up.

🏃🏻 Quick-add issues

We’ve made some UX upgrades to our layouts. These upgrades enable you to add issues swiftly with our new Quick-add feature. It's designed to simplify and expedite the issue creation process, letting you capture those wild ideas with ease.

The new issue addition extends to the end of every:

  • Kanban group column
  • List group item
  • Gantt view issue sidebar
  • Spreadsheet view last row
  • Calendar block

🌐 Global Issue View (the most requested)

You’ll now see a new addition to our sidebar - All Issues. This feature provides a global view across your entire workspace, enabling management of issues from all projects in one place. global-issue-view What does it do?

  • Handling 1000 issues in your workspace? This feature aggregates them all in one spot.
  • Allows you to toggle between Assigned, Created, and Subscribed issues from all projects 😉.
  • Enables you to apply filters based on specific project or issue properties.
  • Allows you to create a global view and save the filters you need.

📕 Issue Drafts, never let your idea or issue go.

We've made some improvements to the Create Issue modal. These enhancements now equip the modal with the ability to save issue drafts.

Here's how the issue drafts work:

  • Entered issue details and added properties, but accidentally clicked outside the modal? Don't worry; this will save the issue under drafts.
  • Drafts can be accessed by hovering over the "Create Issue" button on the sidebar.
  • Only the last issue entered in the "Create Issue" modal gets saved to the drafts. More history? Stay tuned!

🔁 Sub-issues nesting and editing

Parent issues now boast increased visibility over sub-issues, even when they are nested five levels deep. sub-issues-nesting-and-editing

Sub-issues are displayed based on the hierarchy of their nesting. 🤯

You can now directly edit sub-issue properties from within the parent issue.

Prefer staying within the parent issue? No problem, all sub-issues of the parent issue now open in a peek-over mode.

🌠 Face-lift to Plane Deploy

We’ve made some significant upgrades to Plane Deploy, with the goal of making the customer feedback process smoother and faster. Here are the upgrades ⬇️

  • Commenting on Public Boards: When your boards are made public with commenting enabled, external users can start adding comments to the issues.
  • Upvotes and Downvotes: Contributors who have logged in to your public board can also upvote or downvote issues to help prioritize tasks within your project.
  • View Issues with Peek-Overview: Users or contributors can now view issue details on your public boards using a "peek-overview" mode. Please note that not all information will be visible. The attributes that can be seen are as follows: Title, Description, Priority, Due Date, Public Comments, Upvotes/Downvotes, and Reactions.
  • Reactions: Just like upvotes, users can react with emojis.

🎉 Gantt comes out of Beta

Ten commits, and thousand lines later, Gantt layout now comes out of Beta with killer features.

  • View issues in Gantt layout, smoother faster and accurate—renders blocks with start date and due date.
  • Complete revamp of the design, making the Gantt layout more pleasing and easy to work with.
  • A new sidebar to spot issues quickly.
  • Left and right navigators jump to an issue that’s out of timeline.
  • Move Gantt blocks horizontally to adjust start date and due date of an issue.
  • Supports filters from View options.

👀 Peek overviews for Spreadsheet layout

We've introduced a new feature, Peek Overview, which provides a quick look at your issues. This view is compatible with the spreadsheet layout and is also available for deployed public projects.

  • Occupies half of your screen, providing you with a view of activity related to other issues.
  • Allows users to edit issues directly within the Peek Overview, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages.
  • Fast and highly responsive.


  • We’ve introduced new relation properties to issues– related, duplicate, start-date, making it easier for you to add detail to the issue. These function similarly to how the blocks and blocks by properties work.

  • With the integration of time zones, all activities on Plane are now more accurately recorded. Update your time zone settings in your user profile to enhance communication with your project members.

  • Too many notifications? We’ve made some upgrades, hit Mark as read from the notifications dropdown to declutter all your notifications.

  • Peek modes are available for My Issues and Project Issues in List, Kanban, Spreadsheet and Gantt layouts.

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September has flown by, marked by breakthroughs, new features, bug fixes and more. Your enthusiasm propels our team to work hard and ship groundbreaking features rapidly. Balancing ad hoc requests with our roadmap, we're dedicated to building a tool that serves developers, managers, and visionaries alike and extensively. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got a host of other updates and bug fixes too, be sure to check out our release notes here. Until next time, happy planning!

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