August Round-Up: Plane Deploy, Member Profile, New RTE, Export Data and more

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Round Up
Vihar Kurama
September 6, 2023
5 min read

Amidst the fast-paced winds of August, we're excited to unveil some remarkable developments here at Plane. Thanks to your steadfast support, our growing Discord community, and the dedication of our talented team, we're pushing the boundaries every day of what Plane can achieve.

Let's delve into the latest additions for this month!

Share your projects with the world: Introducing Plane Deploy

Any project on Plane can be turned into a public page, creating a fully navigable website. This feature will make it easier for your users and customers to know what features you’re on or when bug fixes are rolling out.

  • This feature is available in cloud and self-hosted (beta) versions.
  • Admins can turn their project boards public in just a few clicks.
  • Supports List and Kanban layouts. (Soon, it will also be available in Gantt and Spreadsheet)
  • Deploys on a free domain.[Available from v0.12-dev]
  • User commenting, upvotes and downvotes, issue emoji reactions, public and private comments.

Member's Profile Analytics

We have enhanced the member profile page, making it easier for your workspace members to view workloads and providing an overview of what is happening throughout the workspace.

  • These profile pages can be accessed by clicking on the user from any activity log or from project settings > members.
  • Offers an overview of Issues Created, Subscribed to, and Assigned related to the user.
  • Provides High-Level Insights into Issues Assigned, Created, and Subscribed to by the User.
  • Furnishes Recent Activity Logs of Users and Offers Workload Estimates Based on Issue Status. Image

Export your workspace data to CSV, Excel and JSON

This has been one of the most requested features from our community, and now, both the cloud and self-hosted versions support data exports for workspaces or projects.

  • Project admins can now export entire workspace data or specific project data into CSV, Excel, or JSON data.
  • Exports all issues and their properties, along with cycle and module data.

Rich Text Editor featuring Tiptap

We've enhanced the project detailing experience a hundredfold with this new update. The improvements include migrating from our existing rich text editor, Remirror, to Tiptap.

  • We’ve ensured all your data is safely migrated so you can experience our new rich text editor on the go.
  • Includes—headings, code blocks, quotes, links, images and more formats.
  • Slash commands work like magic, so you need not think or worry about formatting the content.
  • Saves in real-time, so your data is never lost.

Cross Project Issue Linking

In our ongoing effort to facilitate seamless collaboration, this functionality simplifies issue management throughout your workspace. Whether you track sub-issues, dependencies, or blockers, an intuitive toggle ensures effortless cross-project linking. You can just toggle it on or off.

  • Enable by toggling workspace level when referring to issues.
  • Supports parent, sub-issues, blocking, and blocked_by properties.
  • Toggle this on the Command Menu to enable workspace-level search. Image

Improved “My Issues” page

We’ve added a lot of options to customize my-issues page with personalized layouts, filters, sorting, and preferred viewing options based on assignments and creators.

  • Choose your preferred layout: Now, you can select your preferred issue view layout, whether a comprehensive and detailed layout or a simplified and streamlined one.
  • Sort with filters: Now, you can add filters to your My Issues page, allowing you to quickly find and focus on the tasks that matter most to you.

Express yourself with Emojis

React to an issue with a ✈️, 😀, or other emojis. It's more fun and makes it easier to spot exciting matters. Go ahead and drop a 👍 Image

More updates and improvements

  • Custom Project Cover Image - You can now upload or select a project cover of your choice.
  • Reorder projects on the sidebar with drag and drop - Reorder your projects on the sidebar for better accessibility by just dragging and dropping project names on the sidebar.
  • Introducing Display Names - Update your display name once in workspace settings, and it'll appear across the product. Use your nickname, alias, or any name you're known by! We'll handle the rest.
  • Sub-issues in display properties - You can now toggle between sub-issues on the display properties when using any layouts on the platform.
  • N+1 optimization across the platform - We've doubled the performance of our APIs through backend improvements.

Spotlight on the Web

We've been receiving an outpouring of love and feedback from the community across various online platforms. Check out the highlights below:

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Tweets That Made Our Day

Here is what Michael Jolly has to say about Plane! Image

Thank you for your mention @odysseas_eth! #planepowers Image

In closing, we have had an exhilarating month of August. While we've made great strides this month, we understand that our journey is ongoing. Your feedback and engagement are the compass that guides us, ensuring that we're heading in the right direction. But that’s not all; we’ve got a host of other bug fixes and updates too, be sure to check out our release notes here.

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